You can start making sales from day 1 and add inventory as you go.

You decide on your inventory categories to suit your needs.

Repairs and Special Orders can be setup and tracked or just sold when ready. Your choice.

JCS can create journal entries for Sales and Accounts Payable that can be imported into Quickbooks. You can elect to post both , just one, or not post at all. It's up to you.

Sales can be entered at the time of sale or entered later.

Custom Programming is available when you need it.

We call non-inventory items slush skus. You can sell them without setting up inventory records for them. Batteries and Jewelry Cleaner could have skus , but many of our customers prefer not to include them in inventory. Postage and Appraisals are two other types of sales that are not inventory. There is no limit as to how many you can have. You can track sales and profit on slush skus just like you can on inventory items if you want to.


Some of our clients