Run at POS or enter when you have time.

Up to four salespeople can share in a sale.

Even or uneven split of sales among salespeople possible.

Source of customers tracking available. (advertising, referral, internet,etc.)

Option for Quick Sales that doesn't require customer name.

Picture of items can print on sales receipt.

Gift certificate sales and use will auto-update certificate balance.

On returns or canceled layaways you can issue credit memos.

Split tenders as needed between cash, check , credit card.

EMV ready Credit card processing available.

If an appraisal is available it can automatically print after the sales receipt.

Update customer information on sales receipt.

Create diamond guarantee for customers from sales receipt.

Link sale to bridal registry.

User defined slush sku table for all non-inventory type sales so no need to create unnecessary inventory records. (ex: jewelry cleaner, postage, appraisals etc).

You may sell repairs and special orders without setting them up should you choose too.

Cash drawer reconciliation.




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